The WESTLINK GROUP can be summed up in three words: Laugh. Learn. Love. All activities, devotionals, retreats, camps, and service times are supported with these values. Continue reading to learn more.

LAUGH: Simply put, we have a good time together. We enjoy being with each other, and would like for you to be included in the friendships that already exist. 

LEARN: This is a place where you can learn. Through our various classes, service opportunities, and hang-out times we learn a lot. A major goal of the WESTLINKGROUP is for people to learn about Jesus, and how to apply his teachings to everyday life. Biblical based life lessons are also taught regularly. 

LOVE: Jesus said that all of the bible can be broken down into two powerful phrases: Love God & Love People. Simply, love is the most important thing to God, so it is the most important thing to us.